Fraser Dawson

I have been working with Brian for two or three years now, with quarterly lessons during the season and more often during the winter. My swing feels very solid now and I have a lot of confidence over the ball. I hit expected shots much more frequently and my bad shots are not nearly as destructive. On the short game, which I struggled with, Brian has helped tremendously. Also, I learnt new exercise and warm-up routines which have helped my golf-flexibility and ingrained the right turning movements. The overall result is that I now play comfortably to 4 and am back enjoying my golf.

Tony Parsons

As a 22 h/c I have been having lessons with Brian for over four years, I go to him three - four times a year, or when I need some help. Brian is and has been very helpful, he keeps it as simple as possible so I don't get bogged down with too much info. Most recently my driving was not going so well so I had a lesson with Brian, he identified my problem showed me how to correct it and my driving is now vastly improved, Thanks to Brian I am now down to 18 h/c.

Alex Jackson

I have had a few golf lessons now with Brian, his teaching is excellent. He communicates so clearly which is exactly what you want from a Pro. In only a few lessons, he has helped me feel like I’m going in the right direction with my golf. Brian is a professional and very friendly. I wouldn’t hesitate recommending him to anyone looking to have a golf lesson.

Alex Jackson
Senior Tennis Professional
Focus Performance Programme
Oxshott Tennis Club

Greg McMahon

I have been genuinely surprised by how much Brian's coaching has improved my golf. My swing has improved dramatically under his tutelage and I now have confidence in hitting a ball that I never experienced before. His lessons are always very friendly and relaxed, focussing on one or two important points at a time (rather than trying to pretend that it is possible to fix everything instantly). I give him my highest recommendation to anyone that wants to improve their golf.

Deni Karabourova

Brian is a great instructor and a fun person to be around. He has got exceptional skills and patience. I was almost ready to quit when I met him over a year ago. He keeps bringing me back. A lesson with him is always an excellent experience. With Brian golf seems effortless. Thank you Brian!

Stuart Mackenzie

I have had a number of lessons from Brian and found him a pleasure to learn from. He has improved my golf enormously and I really enjoy our lessons. He offers excellent instruction and advice and I would highly recommend him to golfers of all levels.

Francesco and Hugo

My five year old boy and I want to thank you for making us discover and love this sport. Your style of instruction works great for us and we strongly recommend you to any beginner. You have the gift of breaking down golf into small and simple concepts, and during our lessons you ask us to focus on one or two simple tasks at a time. You clearly have the patience and passion for teaching, and know how to adapt your teaching style to adults as well as children. Importantly, you keep our lessons fun for everyone, which is key to keep beginners, and particularly a five year old, interested in the game. We appreciate this is just the beginning of a long journey and we we have so much more to learn, but know we could not get a better instructor!

David Bonsall

Brian Green has been my Golf Pro for about six months at the time of writing this. When I first started seeing him, I was a complete beginner, yet within a few months he had me breaking 100 and my best round to date thanks to Brian is 89. Brian has a friendly manner and a very relaxed, clear and easy to understand approach to coaching a golf swing that has been instrumental in improving my game.

I also recently hired Brian for full days golf coaching, which he organised in an extremely professional manner. The day was broken down into various segments including warm up, fitness, drills, training, short and long game and finishing with a round of 9 holes, taking me though the tactical side of a game.

The fitness section was of particular note. Brian brought in Andy Driscoll (Educator, Golf & Functional Performance Specialist) who spend an hour with Brian analysing my stance, posture and movements. The improvement gained in this valuable hour had to be seen to be believed. I will definitely be doing this again. I would highly recommend Brian Green to golfers of any level who wish to improve their game.

Nick Frost

I took up golf a little under a year ago and since working with Brian I've seen my game improve beyond anything I could've hoped for. His methods are concise, to the point and easy to understand, even for a beginner like me. After only 3 lessons I was striking the ball straighter, longer and more confidently. If you're serious about improving your game go and see Brian!

Vlad Ognjenovic

I have had quite a few lessons in different parts of the world and I have to say Brian Green is the most efficient golf instructor I have come across. Brian has taught me not only the fundamentals of golf, but also the basis and mechanics of the golf swing and the psychology of the game. He is very patient and after every lesson I feel like I have improved my game and can correct some bad habits. Now I actually enjoy playing golf rather than feeling frustrated.

John Chiene

I have taken lessons from Brian for some ten years. He shows a deep understanding of the golf swing and an excellent ability to communicate allied to a very pleasant manner.A model teaching pro.

Isobelle Moressi

I started golf one year ago and I must say it is a very complicated game but thanks to Brian I am starting to really enjoy myself on the driving range as well as on the golf course! As well as the technique Brian taught me to keep confident and positive!

Barbara Rayment

I was one of a dozen golfers keen to improve their game and get some warm weather after such a bleak winter.

The two coaches, Brian and Richard, made us feel welcome and at ease straight away. Organisation was spot on, and the hotel very comfortable with the extensive training area and courses within easy walking distance. We had two hours of coaching each morning, first an explanation of the day’s topic then intensive practice with lots of one-to-one advice.

The teaching and demos were clear and practical – no insistence on a set method but encouragement to think about how to get the ball from here to there with just a few adjustments to our natural game. My shots almost immediately started going further and, even more rewarding, straighter, and I think everyone was delighted with their progress from day one.

We had 18 holes on a very challenging championship course each afternoon, the water and trees took most of us out of our comfort zone! But it was great to get back to the hotel feeling we had learned something more about the game every day.

The Penina resort is a golfer’s dream, dedicated to giving a complete sporting experience in friendly surroundings – and the food was excellent. I’m looking forward to the next time – I’m sure I could learn new things from Richard and Brian year after year

James Linton

I had a few problems with my golf swing. So I got hold of Brian Green at dukes meadows golf who i have used before when im in trouble with my game. I must say Brian sorted my problem out with one lesson. Brian is very good at picking out your mistakes and putting them right very quickly.

Dave Sansums

I started having lessons with Brian just under a year a go and try to fit in 1 hr per month. With Brian's help I've gone from a very high handicapper (110+) to shooting a best of 86 which I never dreamed of doing. Brian is great fun to be around and the lessons are always enjoyable (especially on course lessons with Brian caddying!) but it's the in depth theory provided on how the swing and ball flights mechanics work that have really helped progress my game. The help doesn't just stop after the lesson with Brian always available on email to help with any questions, provide tips/drills or give advice on buying clubs. More recently, using Ubersense, I've been able to record my swing on my iPad and sent it on to Brian to review, which is just part of the great service he offers as a instructor. I would highly recommend Brian to golfers of any level.

Lilja & Gudjon Arnorsdottir - Winter Academy March 2014

We decided to sign up for a golf coaching trip to Portugal in March this year with Richard Ellis and Brian Green. This is the first time we do something like this and didn’t know anyone in the group beforehand. To make a long story short we both thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience, from the great and personal service of Quality Golf Destinations, the fantastic facilities at Penina Golf resort to Richards and Brian's inspirational coaching sessions. We will definitely come again

Corinne Petit - Winter Academy March 2014

Our recent golfing holiday in Portugal was a great success, thanks to Quality Golf Destinations and in large part to Brian and Richard. They looked after all of us extremely well - which made for a happy, relaxed group. Their tuitions were also excellent - I feel my game has improved all round.

Stefania Rivers

Regarding the trip and my second experience with Quality Golf Experience I can tell that it was superlative; the people I met and the fabulous coaching by Brian and Richard.

It was the second year I went to Portugal and every year my experience has overtaken my expectation... I cannot imagine what will happen in the third year!

Thank you guys for the wonderful trip!

Stephen Yorke

Brian is such a first class coach because he keeps things simple. If you are a high handicapper like me there are many things a coach could say or concentrate on. What Brian does very well is identify the root cause and help you work on that. He communicates clearly, uses the available technology to make things more, not less clear, and leaves you with one or two key thoughts to work on after the lesson is over. He is approachable and he listens to what problems you are having with your game and tries to solve them.

What he does so well is bring you back to the core essentials and helps you understand why you are making the mistakes and how to go about correcting the swing errors. Lessons always rush by because they are fun and really helpful. I recommend him very highly.

Kerith Rees

Just a quick note to thank you for the series of lessons… I went away to Portugal this week feeling a bit under confident if I am honest... However - I had a fantastic time.

Struggled round 2 of the courses, but broke 100 on one, and scribbled 101 on the other. That last one was highly enjoyable though because I managed to birdie a long par 5, and on the back nine I won 5 holes in our match play.

The cherry on the cake was making par 4 on the last, and getting pats on the back from complete strangers on the bar veranda who were watching the last hole. I felt it was worth letting you know that your input was hugely helpful, and my pals all remarked on how much I’d improved from last time we played.

Thanks for your input and patience - it really made a difference.

Frank Walding

I've been having lessons regularly with Brian for the past 4 months and have seen a significant improvement in the consistency of my swing and improvement in my scoring. What I particularly like about Brian's approach is he is very positive, encouraging and keeps the sessions simple. This allowed me to focus attention to individual elements of my swing and over the course of a number of sessions these were combined to show improved results. His follow-ups on ubersense were invaluable to taking learnings away from the lessons and I would recommend a Trackman session to really help understand the swing. In the 4 months, my handicap has fallen from 23 to 16 and I'm confident this could fall further. Thanks for all the help Brian.

Alasdair Sutherland

Just a quick email to thank you both again – I really enjoyed working with you on the Academy course at Penina and it's seriously improved my game. I’d like also to add to your list of enthusiastic testimonials. As a follow up, I popped in to the Dukes Meadow shop in order to follow your advice to find a new putter, and found Rich there who helped me choose one. With the new putter in my bag, I played in the regular Friday Seniors roll-up Stableford at Hampton Court Palace. Thanks to some much improved drives, irons, chips and one good bunker shot – all thanks to your training - I managed to score 92 for 40 points (off h’cap 25). But this was in spite of not being used to the new putter and having seven 3-putts. So once I get some real practice with the new putter I hope to get down to near 85. I'm sure Gerry and I will be booking in again as soon as you make plans for the next tuition break.

Louise Del Balzo - Winter Academy 2016

Golf "boot camp" paid off today as I broke 90 for the first time at Beaverbrook! Thank you for all your hard work and help and see you soon at Dukes Meadows.