Welcome back to Golf

Welcome back to Golf

Posted on 26th March, 2021
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By the time you read this we will probably be out of the latest lockdown and you may have even managed to have a round of golf or a practice at the driving range.

I’m back coaching at Dukes Meadows the day we open, March 29th and already have a very busy schedule thanks to the loyalty of many of my existing clients and a steady of influx of new people either keen to learn or brush up on existing skills.

Everyone I’ve spoken to has agreed that this, the third lockdown has been the hardest, I personally found it difficult but it did feel better when the exit plan was announced and I really had something to look forward to. I’m very lucky to do a job that I love but I’ve also missed things I do in my leisure time like playing tennis and having tennis lessons and of course being able to meet up with friends.

Another thing I’ve felt very fortunate about is the fact that the government allowed people to go fishing, another of my passions, it was classified as a form of exercise and whilst I do a fair amount walking I think it’s more the case that it’s been great for mental health.

Catch up on the YouTube golf lesson series

At the beginning of lockdown I did post some videos on my social media to help people with their golf as they were subjects that could be practiced safely at home, if you missed them first time round you can catch them on my YouTube channel.

'Real Golf' lessons at Dukes Meadows, Pyrford Golf Club and Hampton Court Palace Golf Club

An exciting project I’ve been involved with now for a while is Real Golf the concept of a Real Golf lesson is that we take groups of a maximum of 4 golfers and immerse them in the subject they have chosen. I host the putting schools which take place at Dukes Meadows but also we have two new venues, Pyrford Golf Club nr. Woking and Hampton Court Palace Golf Club nr. Kingston.

Richard Ellis, director of tuition at Real Golf also provides schools on various aspects of the short game and long game with one of the schools focussing purely on more distance with the driver, a very hot topic at the moment thanks largely to Bryson DeChambeau.

If you are interested in booking one of the schools or would like more information please use this link.

One positive that I do take from lockdown 3.0 is the fact that we did miss some pretty bad weather with snow and heavy rain, which although we can teach through it it doesn’t make the experience very pleasant for coach or student. I’m also sure that many courses would have been closed for fairly lengthy periods of time.

Typically we think of the golf season starting when the US Masters is on TV and this certainly does give everyone a big boost, Augusta National is such a beautiful course and presented immaculately it really does fire the enthusiasm and its even better from our point of view from this side of the pond if we can have a European winner. I can’t wait to watch it and will be not leaving my TV for the hours that it’s on, just wish my friends could come over as they have done in the past, it’s always a great night, maybe it’s time to get an outdoor projector or tv just in case we have the same scenario again!

I hope you’ve managed to keep healthy and maybe even been able to work on your golf a bit whilst we’ve been stuck at home, if you have let me know what you’ve been able to do and how it’s helped you also if you have any questions for me please do send me a message using the contact form or on any of my social media, I’m on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook all as Brian Green Golf.

Thanks for reading,