Things you can do to improve your golf during Lockdown

Things you can do to improve your golf during Lockdown

Posted on 17th April, 2020
Golf Tuition

As I compose this blog we are three weeks into the lockdown due to Corona virus and unless you happen to have a back garden like Padraig Harrington (who has been putting some great stuff out on the internet to help people) then you probably have limited space to practice your golf.

Here are some things you can practice at home so that hopefully you come out of lockdown at least as good as when we went in and possibly better.

  1. Putting, something as simple as practicing on your carpet putting into a cup or a mug. If you don’t have carpet you can buy a putting mat from about £12 up to some which are over £100, during the putting lessons I give we use a lot of training aids and most of these can be used indoors and can be purchased online, one of my favourites is the Visio arc template, pictured below:-

    Visio Arc Template

  2. Exercise, any form of stretching will improve your golf swing and if you strengthen those muscles that will help even more, I’ve found yoga to be very good and there are some great free apps available for your phone or tablet. I’ve been doing mine in the morning and it really sets me up for the day.

  3. Watch TV, should be an easy one this, there’s been lots of golf on Sky Sports and I’ve really enjoyed watching some of The Masters from back in the ‘80s, if you don’t have Sky there’s also plenty of content on YouTube along with some good instruction, although a word of warning here, it can be a bit confusing if you watch too much!

  4. Social Media, there are some great accounts to follow on Twitter and Instagram, I’ve been enjoying the advice given out by Luke Donald and Padraig Harrington, there’s also lots of fun stuff with coaches and players setting out and accepting challenges to watch.

  5. Full Swings, this depends on how much space you have and I’ve seen some amazing set ups from full on professional simulators to people hitting balls into a sheet hanging from a washing line. If you don’t have any outdoor space you probably won’t have room to swing a full size club indoors but how about ordering a very small junior club or Amazon sell an item called a Swing Weight & Training Grip Club, which you can swing indoors and it helps with your grip.

  6. Chipping, admittedly you really need a garden for this but if you do have space you could chip from an old door mat or I’ve been using some off cuts of fake grass and chipping into a bucket or upturned umbrella, this will help with your strike and landing distance.

If you would like any personalised advice please feel free to contact me, you can even send me a swing video and I can send you back something to work on.

All the best
Brian Green